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Water Flow Indicator


Multi Wire Ring Top Post


TWR-1 Weigh Scale & Reader


MBS800 Multi Powered Fence Energizer

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M12000i Mains Fence Energizer


Animal Performance


S12 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer


Turbo Equine Fence Wire

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Electric fencing

Fencing options for all animal types, from lifestylers through to professional farmers.

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Wireless Water Monitoring

A complete, simple solution for monitoring and managing tank water and other fluids.

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Weighing and EID

Collecting EID tag numbers when moving stock off farm, comprehensive data collection and analysis.

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Other solutions

Farm IT tools and other solutions to help out your farm life.

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Basic Grazing Practises, How and Why They Work

Electric fencing has revolutionised pasture management techniques meaning better profitability for farmers. Permanent or portable systems are used to subdivide pastures for more effective grazing, keeping the grass fresh, short, high energy and palatable which ultimately leads to increased milk and meat production.


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