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Safeguard ecosystems and enhance native biodiversity
Protect sensitive ecosystems by preventing invasive species and predators from entering and disrupting the natural balance. Exclude damaging wildlife, creating a haven for native plants and animals to flourish without the threat of outside interference.
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Protect your food sources and assets by stopping predators in their tracks
Food supplies, fresh produce and other natural assets attract unwanted and hungry guests. Safely protected your produce behind a reliable barrier that deters even most motivated predator from rummaging. A well-constructed electric fence provides a psychological barrier that no unwanted visitor will want to engage with.
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Unique installations and solutions to control all animals
Electric fencing is proven to be an effective tool to contain and exclude any animal – no matter their shape and size. From zoo habitat fencing to African safari wildlife protection, there is tailor-made fencing configuration for your objective to contain or excludes animals.
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Peace of mind protection when visiting nature
Spend time in nature without the risk of exposing yourself to dangerous wildlife. Fence off your campsite or holiday spot in the outdoors to prevent unwanted and damaging guests checking you out or searching for your food. Take your protection with you while you enjoy the natural environment.
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Design Your Own Fence

Whether you need a portable, short-term fence for rotational grazing or a larger scale more permanent electric fence, we'll guide you through to the right system. Answer the questions to find the ideal fence set up, complete with the products you will need to build the fence.