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About Gallagher Animal Management

Bill Gallagher Senior, founder of Gallagher and inventor of the electric fence.

A legacy of innovation

Founded in 1938, Gallagher is now known and respected in over 100 countries as a family-owned business built on customer-led innovation. From the electric fence to the cloud, Gallagher’s connected and customisable ecosystem of solutions empower our customers to work responsibly, productively, and profitably to protect what matters most.


"When my father Bill Senior started this company in 1938 he probably hasn't even heard the word innovator, but that never stopped him from being one"

Sir William Gallagher 


The Gallagher story

When a horse called Joe decided to use the family car as a scratching post, it inspired Bill Gallagher Senior to solve the problem by devising an electrical circuit that delivered a small pulse whenever the horse rocked the vehicle. Joe got the message and the concept for the world’s first ever electric fence system was born.

That was in the early 1930s. By the end of the decade Bill had built his first electric fence and had made a long-term commitment to building a great business that redefined what’s possible for its customers – Gallagher.

Bill Junior, now Sir William Gallagher, then took the business to the world and continues to honour the commitment that Bill Senior made 85 years ago. He's still deeply involved in the business as President & Executive Director. Customer-led innovation is in our DNA and it remains a key principle on which the company stands today.

Every step of the way

We’re with our customers every step of the way. We understand our customers, farming, and the animals and land that they protect. Building trusting relationships - listening to and learning about our customers - enables us to go the extra mile for them.

Since 1938, Gallagher has designed and manufactured world-leading, high-performance land and animal management solutions that are fit-for-purpose and made to last. We design and manufacture the majority of our products from our headquarters, ensuring quality and supply chain security to guarantee our customers' peace of mind performance.

A global company with family values

Today we’re an internationally recognised company, known and respected in over one hundred countries with offices in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, North America, Chile, and South Africa.

Although we operate all around the world, Gallagher remains a family-owned business founded on family values. Our people, partners, and customers are part of the Gallagher family. We live, work, and play in the communities in which we operate.

From the electric fence to the cloud

A global leader in animal management innovation, we invest 15% of our profits in research and development and strive for excellence through continuous improvement. As technology advances, so too does Gallagher. From the electric fence to the cloud, Gallagher’s hardware and software solutions come together to create connected and customisable ecosystems that empower our customers to work.

At Gallagher, trust and integrity is essential to what we do and how we operate. As data becomes increasingly embedded in the way we live our lives, the security and privacy of our customers’ data has become a non-negotiable. Gallagher believes that our customers should own their data, and we work behind the scenes to ensure their privacy and security.

Committed to a better tomorrow

Gallagher is proudly on the journey of helping to create a more sustainable future for people, the planet, and business in every market and country in which we operate. Our holisitic sustainability framework is built around three key areas; people, place, and economy. It guides our decision-making and our responsibility to give back to communities and protect what matters most.

Meaningful change takes time. Gallagher is committed to learning from the past, affecting positive change in the present, to protect our collective future.

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives:


Our values

Here at Gallagher, we live our values. They define how we interact with our people, our distributors, our customers, and the community.
Our purpose is to protect what matters most, and our values help us do this.