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No compromise animal performance








Turn animal performance into profit

Take further control of your livestock data with a fully integrated weighing and EID system that helps you track animal performance, enables you to make better decisions about your animals, and equips you with the tools to help you grow your profit year on year.

Benefits of Animal Performance


Experience seamless workflows with a fully integrated system

Analyse comprehensive animal data

View complete animal history with Pedigree data*

Easy compliance with NAIT integration


"Hitting live weights is vitally important for us; it directly affects our bottom line. With the Gallagher system, I can instantly see the live weight gain graph. I can tell how much they have been putting on, and whether we are behind or on target."

Matt Sherriff

Rotomate Farm

Speed and accuracy of in-yard data collection is just the beginning

Our fast and accurate hardware devices seamlessly integrate with our cloud-based data management software to not only automate animal management handling tasks, but to enable you to make better management decisions using up-to-date animal data that's accessible anytime, anywhere

Take control of your animal performance

With an all-in-one hardware and software solution that allows you to track livestock performance, make better decisions and grow your profit.


  • Plus
  • Every Day


Animal Performance Plus

$30/month incl GST



Take further control of your livestock and make better management decisions about your animals.

Accurate and comprehensive in-yard data collection is just the beginning: experience full system  integration and powerful data management and enjoy the flexibility to search for animals or to edit animal data using the mobile app.



Make better breeding decisions by identifying trends in animal generational lines using the Pedigree Tree


Group and analyse your livestock the way you want by using powerful filters and creating mobs and groups


Capture more data and display everything you want to know about an animal - at a glance - using Custom View


Generate custom reports for deeper analysis or easily share files and data with third parties


Keep your records up todate by editing your animal data anywhere and anytime (on your scale, on your computer, or on your mobile)


Search for animals, view their history and record events anywhere and anytime  


Animal Performance Every Day




Enjoy a connected weighing and EID experience with a simple data management to help you track the growth of your animals against performance targets.



Easily identify poor performers, treat them or cull early


Collect live weights and EIDs on your mobile phone with compatible Gallagher hardware


Keep your records up to date by editing your animal data anywhere and anytime (on your weigh scale, on your computer, or on your mobile)

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