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Precision pasture allocation and adaptive livestock control
Get more out of every square meter. Harvest more pasture by subdividing your paddocks into smaller, more efficient grazing areas to allocate the optimum amount of pasture for your livestock. Leave less dry matter behind and convert that growth into healthy, nourished animals.
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Tools that power your soil fertility and pasture growth
Over and under grazing pastures can be detrimental to your soil and pasture health, as well as your dry matter production. Grow more grass by using reliable portable fencing as a tool to manage pasture utilisation, adapt livestock grazing and enhance pasture health.
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Reliable livestock, crop, pasture and land protection
Temporarily restrict access to crops and contain animals to certain pastures to protect your land, livestock and ecosystems. Portable fencing is a reliable temporary barrier to contain and protect livestock, while also restricting livestock access from damaging fragile pastures and impacting its ability to recover. 
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The power to graze anywhere
Remote, self-sufficient energizer solutions to power your fence no matter where you need it. Your fence line can be powered in any location, enabling your rotational grazing regime - no matter how far away from the grid you are.
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Design Your Own Fence

Whether you need a portable, short-term fence for rotational grazing or a larger scale more permanent electric fence, we'll guide you through to the right system. Answer the questions to find the ideal fence set up, complete with the products you will need to build the fence.