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Weighing and EID Solutions

A weighing and electronic identification (EID) system saves both time and money by automating animal management and handling tasks. It allows farmers to manage their business more profitably.


Data at your fingertips


Gallagher’s HR5 Hand-Held EID Tag Reader is a quick, easy and powerful solution to collect animal data from anywhere on the farm. Electronic Identification provides you with accessible, accurate identification of your individual animals, giving you the ability to make better, more informed farm management decisions.


  • Weighing only system

  • EID only system

  • Weighing and EID System

  • Sheep Auto Drafter System


Weigh only

Weighing is a powerful performance measurement tool for farmers, as informed management 
decisions come from animal weight data that is accurate and easily accessible.


The benefits of weighing animals include:

• Measure feed conversion to maximise yield by monitoring weight gain over time

• Monitor animal health

• Reach animal weights prior to mating for better reproduction rates

•  Determine weaning weights

• Select animals by weight for sale and slaughter

• Evaluate animal breeding performance for genetic selection


Look at the Weighing and EID Systems Brochure to guide you through the all our weighing and EID solutions – offering a full range of animal weighing, data collection and EID products and accessories



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Electronic Animal Identification (EID) System

Electronic Identification System with its ability to identify and trace individual animals
 has become increasingly important as traceability schemes are implemented worldwide to manage food safety and biosecurity risks. It is also a quick and easy way to collect animal data anywhere on your farm.


Why use EID

  • Quick, easy and accurate EID and/or animal data capture
  • Read and transfer animal ID’s for NAIT compliance
  • Link lambs/calves to mothers
  • Record visual ID numbers against EID’s in the yard
  • Add and edit data such as condition scores and animal notes
  • Sort animals into groups based on EID number
  • Validate stock reconciliation and stock on hand.

EID System Components:

EID Tag - Placed in the animal's ear to transmit a unique ID number
EID Tag Reader - Used to read and collect the EID tag number. This can be hand held or hands free panel reader



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Featured products


EID Tag Reader Antenna Panel 600


HR5 v2 Hand Held EID Tag Reader & Data Collector


Animal Performance


EID Tag Reader Antenna Panel 1300


Weighing & EID System

An integrated weighing and EID system is the best option for farmers looking to manage their business more profitability. It is an advanced system that works together to automate animal management and handling tasks, saving time and money.


Some advantages of using a weighing and EID system:

Yard management

• Reduced time & effort - equipment reads fast and efficiently, automatically matching weight to animal ID number

• Improved accuracy - remove human error and prevent incomplete or inaccurate records

• Improved access to animal information - see full weight history for actual animal in the crush


Increased Stock Value

• Identify the poor performers - treat, allocate to different feeding group or quit early

• Accurate drenching levels - maximise treatment efficiency and minimise treatment costs

• Meet the market required weight range - accurate selection of animals based on weight to maximise profit.



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Featured products


TWR-5 Weigh Scale & Reader


5000kg Heavy Duty Load Bars


Sheep Auto Drafter


Sheep Auto Drafter

Sheep Auto Drafter System is designed to save farmers time, money and back-breaking work. A smoother, quieter and easier to set up and operate than any other sheep drafting product on the market. The drafter includes a weigh crate, integrated load cells and EID antenna panels, control module with remote and three-way draft module. Just add a Weigh Scale and it’s ready to go.


  • One-person drafting operation
  •  Sheep friendly - allows high stock throughput while keeping animals safe
  • Indestructible – composite materials withstand repeated animal impact
  • Portable – lightweight and easily transportable


Now available: Sheep Auto Drafter Service Packages

Regular servicing by our Service Engineers ensures you get the best performance from your Sheep Auto Drafter and you get the most long-term value out of your investment



Need some help figuring

out the right products?

Featured products


Sheep Auto Drafter


TWR-5 Weigh Scale & Reader


TWR-1 Weigh Scale & Reader


S17 Rechargeable Battery

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