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Designed for escape artists

Fencing solutions for escape artists

Garden and Pet Protection Kit


An electric fence provides a safe and effective barrier to deter pets from exiting your property or stop unwanted guests from entering your garden.

Do you need to keep your dog in your property and or other unwanted pests from messing up your backyard or garden? An electric fence is an ideal solution - safe, economical and easy to use. 

How does an electric fence work?

An electric fence is a safe and reliable solution to keep your pets and garden protected. The solar powered Energizer sends very short electrical pulses down the conductive fence wire. When an animal makes contact with the fence wire and the ground at the same time, they complete the circuit and receive a harmless, but memorable pulse. This causes a startle reaction, but it is absolutely not dangerous for your pet or and any visiting pests. 

Animals very quickly learn to respect the fence line and have a psychological response to not engage with or cross the fence line. Keeping them either safely contained on your property, or reliably keeping pests out. 

Customer Testimonial

Containing the escape artists – made easy with Gallagher’s Garden and Pet Protection solution

"They can be little escape artists, so we needed a fool-proof solution to keep Gypsy and Bentley safely on our property and other dogs out."

- Allan Gillbanks 

A versatile solution for all pet containment and garden protection. 

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