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Jeremy Sargent

tel: 027 261 0985
Territory Manager - South Waikato / King Country / Central Plateau
Jeremy Sargent
Jeremy has a talent for understanding people, technology and how the right digital tools can make life easier. 

Before joining Gallagher, Jeremy spent 22 years improving lives at Spark telecommunications. Throughout those years, his sales philosophy was simple: understand the customer, figure out what they really need, then match that need with technology that will make their life better.

Having worked on a dairy farm as a young man, Jeremy’s role as territory manager with Gallagher is a return to his love of the land. During his time away, he saw traditional farmers becoming more comfortable with digital equipment. He knows it’s not easy adopting new technology. 

“There’s a HOW WILL THIS HELP ME? gap. My job is to close that gap by showing farmers the gains they can make with our latest farm solutions. Gallagher really can help.

“I love turning up for my customers and delivering game changing experiences that create superior value for them every day. 
“Gallagher's success is built on enduring relationships. I look forward to continuing that legacy and delivering solutions that make a real difference in the agricultural industry.”
Jeremy is married with two daughters. He loves spending time in the outdoors, spending time with family and friends and listening to his well-loved Vinyl record collection.