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Solar Power Shines Harder with New Gallagher Units

Tuesday, 22 May, 2018


Animal control at the back of the farm is straightforward with Gallagher’s new simple and convenient solution - the S200 and S400 Integrated solar energizers. 

With no mains power required, these all-in-one, plug and play, portable Energizers give reliable stock control for up to 16ha or 30km of fence line.  Following the hugely successful launch last year of the S10-S100 Gallagher has used the proven platform to develop the more powerful S200 and S400 models, incorporating many of the rugged, well-designed innovations into the latest more powerful energizers.

According to Gallagher Product Manager Punit Solanki, they provide reliable power off the grid for portable and permanent applications,  including break feeding of valuable supplement crops and animal control for small block owners. “In the past farmers have used a solar powered energiser with a battery and solar kit to integrate into it. These energizers provide an all-in-one solution, it is simply a case of charging the battery and you are on your way.”

The S400, with stored power capacity of 4 Joules, is the largest integrated solar energizer on the market, bringing the benefits of a simple and portable solution for animal control to more applications. Well thought through features within the S200 and S400 that typify Gallaghers’ approach to good design includes the split dual solar panel design. This ensures a level of redundancy. Should one get covered by grass or foreign matter, the second panel will continue to charge the battery. “Our smart battery management software manages the battery capacity and charging rate to ensure the product will operate continuously, maintaining stock control, says Punit”

The smart power management within the energizers means they adapt to low light conditions, with the pulse to the fence slowing down if the battery voltage is dropping without being adequately recharged in low light conditions. The compact, easily transported nature of the S200 and S400 means they are not only ideal for locating permanently in hard to reach locations, but also for transporting around the farm for break feeding tasks.