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Insulated Line Post Tailor-Made For Farmers

Monday, 13 February, 2017


Gallagher's new insulated line post is tailor-made to incorporate the 'best' of all other electric fence posts on the market.

Gallagher Marketing Manager Mark Harris says the ideal electric fence post would be perfectly insulating, have the ground anchoring ability of a wood post, the convenience to install of a steel post, the flexibility and ease of transportation of a fibreglass post and last like a hardwood post

Such a product did not exist so Gallagher set out to create the World's best electric fence post.

"We believed by using a combination of materials and innovation we could design a tailor-made electric fence post to fit the above description."

"What we have achieved is this and more," says Harris

"Our insulated line post has all the attributes of the ideal electric fence post plus strong, easy to install wire attachment clips and customised multi-wire spacing options."

The unique composite design of the insulated line post combines a tough 16mm fibreglass rod core with a patented injection moulded polyethylene outer, which protects the fibreglass from UV degradation. This creates a flexible, long lasting robust post.

Glass reinforced nylon 'snap-on' clips form a reliable connection and have a 200kg holding force, which is typically twice as strong as most conventional wood or steel post insulator attachment systems.

Superior animal safety is another feature of the insulated line post as the post will flex when the fence is impacted. This flexibility and the post's rounded cap significantly reduce the risk of animal injury, making it especially suited to horses.

The post comes in four lengths, with a length to suit most farmed animals. The 1350mm post was designed with horses the containment of horses in mind.

"It's easy to install with simple tools," says Harris.

"The posts can be rammed quickly and easily with a hand rammer, which minimises installation time and avoids the expense and waiting time for heavy installation equipment as with other post types."

"Then the wires simply clip onto the post which is significantly faster than stapling or pinning on traditional post insulator systems," he says.

Posts are light, smooth and compact so can easily be transported home in the back of the car without damaging the upholstery, unlike other posts that need to be transported to the farm by truck.

Gallagher's new insulated line post makes fence construction easy and the end result is an attractive, resilient fence with superior animal control and safety.