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Overview of electric fencing and weighing systems for horses

Saturday, 01 January, 2022

Insulated Line Post 40mm on farm

Gallagher offers unique equine electric fencing systems that cater for the specific needs of horses as well as world class weighing solutions that provide commercial enterprises, particularly racing stables, with vital information to keep their horses in tip top condition.

Grazing Principles

The same approach to managed grazing in terms of area and time for cattle and sheep apply equally for horses. However, horses are a natural grazing animal that require extra special consideration in the setting up of fenced pastures due to their spirited and sometimes temperamental nature.

To start with paddocks should be of sufficient size to allow the animal plenty of space to move, particularly when burning off energy or reacting to a something that has startled them. Permanent electric fencing should be highly visible, installed to sufficient height and be manufactured from materials with least chance of causing injury should the animal come into contact with the fence.

Gallagher offers a range of permanent and portable fencing products & systems designed specifically for horses.

  • Equine Fence Wire – large diameter polymer-coated steel wire - the safest and best quality fencing option for long life
  • 40 mm Tape  – highly visible, semi-permanent, fencing option that is easier to install and lower cost
  • Striped Turbo Braid – high visibility low tension semi-permanent fencing option that is easier to install, lower cost and less prone to wind flutter than tape

Portable fences are typically two or three strands of 12.5mm tape or striped turbo braid. Reels and treadin posts provide a rapid install and retrieval time for convenience.


Maintaining Health

The health and well-being of horses is very important to horse owners. Horses should be adequately fed and well exercised. Regular weighing of horses leading up to maturity will show whether the animal is gaining weight at the expected rate, and weighing once mature is an important health indicator in the same way it is for people.

Gallagher offers a range of weighing systems including platforms for horses. For stables managing many animals, our TSi Weigh Scale provides a comprehensive management system for recording all activities, treatments and measurements including weight against each individual – effectively a health recording system for the entire stable.

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“...lively and unpredictable...working with horses as a pastime or commercially requires special consideration and attention.”