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Electric Fencing Solutions

An electric fence system is an ideal solution for safe containment of animals in a select area, or to control animal movement on farm. Electric fencing can also be used to achieve optimum pasture yields.


Versatile & Economical


Safe, easy to install, made to last and economical compared to non-electric fences, Gallagher’s electric fence systems offer a wide range of fencing options for all animal types and for all farming practices  from large corporate farms to hobby or lifestyle. Select from the range of permanent, portable and offset retrofit fencing systems.

  • Permanent Fencing

  • Temporary & Portable Fencing

  • Retrofit Fencing

  • Smart Fencing


Permanent Fencing


Permanent electric fences are low cost compared with conventional non-electric fence. It's also longer lasting. Permanent fences use highly conductive, corrosion resistant fence wire together with wood, steel, fibreglass or Gallagher Insulated Line Posts, coupled with components to keep fences looking good and working effectively for a lifetime. 

Fencing layout should be designed to make stock movements easy, and to enable further subdivision using portable fencing, meaning better animal control overall. 

Laneways and gateways make stock movements to the next grazing area straightforward, which also results in improved animal welfare outcomes. 

Constructing permanent electric fences involves several steps:

  1. Installing end & corner posts
  2. Attaching strain insulators to end posts
  3. Installing guide wires and line posts
  4. Tensioning the wires
  5. Completing the electrical connections
  6. Installing gates and gateways


Gallagher also recommends using fence management tools to make fault finding and repair quick and easy. This Electric Fencing Manual guides you through the right fencing setups and range of products required to fence your cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and horses. If you are new to electric fencing, our tips will help you get off to a great start.



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Portable Fencing


The benefits of portable electric fencing are that it’s easy to transport, assemble and take down. It allows for total flexibility for grazing and time either within a permanent electric fence system, or within a traditional, non-electrified fence system using portable energizer power.  

Ring Top or Pigtail posts are a popular option for dairy and cattle portable fencing. Multiwire treadins come with the option to secure wire at different heights so they can be used for all other animals. 

Reels hold the tape, braid or wire for the portable fence. You can use just one reel for single line fences or up to four reels, attached to a reel stand, for multiwire fences 

Tapes, Wires and Braids are used on portable fences rather than galvanised wire used on permanent fences. Gallagher conductors are ideal for portable electric fences as they are light, visible and easy to wind. 


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Featured products


Insulated Portable Handle


Ring Top™ Post 10pk


Geared Reel


Smart Fence 2


Retrofit Fencing


Retrofit electric fencing is an economical and easy to install option if you have an existing or new non-electric fence that you want to protect.


Offset brackets are fitted to a conventional fence to suspend an electrified wire (or wires) on one or both sides of the fence. The wire discourages animals from rubbing or pushing against the fence, thereby extending its life.


A variety of offset brackets are available to attach to wood post or steel fences, or to mount directly onto the wires of an existing non-electric fence (barbed wire, chain link, etc.).


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 Featured products


2.5mm Double Insulated Hard Cable


Wire Strainer


Wire Mount Pinlock Offset


Wood Post Wide Jaw Claw Insulator 25pk


Smart Fence


The Smart Fence is a 4-wire completely portable, instant, all in one fence system.

Quick and easy to put up and take down. Four wires, ten posts and 100m (330ft) length p
rovides an optimal, easy to install instant electric fencing solution. Easy to carry and store away. The Smart Fence combines posts, reels and wire all in one easily transportable package.





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