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The Future of Farming

The following outlines Gallagher Animal Management’s approach and position on how we support the farming community across various farming practices. We are committed to understand diverse practices and base our actions on science, neutrality, and clarity.



Our Approach


Support All Farmers 
We support all farmers and respect their preferred practices, fostering the well-being and prosperity of the entire farming community.

Embrace Science 
We base our decisions on scientific insights from global opinion leaders, adapting our strategies to address agricultural challenges.
Encourage Sustainable Resource Stewardship 
We will work with all farmers collaboratively and encourage endeavours that protect the environment for future generations.

Remain Neutral 
As a trusted brand, we maintain neutrality, respecting diverse perspectives and fostering open dialogue for the benefit of our customers.
Focus on Understanding 
We deepen our understanding of emerging and existing farming practices through research, education, and communication programs, ensuring    informed decision-making.


Provide Clarity 
We communicate our intentions, decisions, and innovations transparently, promoting trust, collaboration, and constructive dialogue among stakeholders.

Our Promise


We are committed to supporting all farmers and providing solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Our approach is always grounded in science, inclusivity, and open dialogue.


The future of farming depends on supporting all farmers, embracing diverse practices, and leveraging science. Together, we can create a thriving farming industry for our communities, economy, and environment.

By following our promise, the Gallagher Animal Management leadership team will drive progress, collaboration, and sustainable growth in the farming industry.


The Animal Management Leadership team
September 2023