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Reinventing pest control with smart trapping

When rats or mice come calling,
there's never just one.

The A24 Goodnature Rat & Mouse Traps have everything you need to get on top of your rodent problem, with a rat and mouse trap that’s automatic, non-toxic and delivers a quick and humane kill.

Problems with conventional traps

Manual and high maintenance

Traditional traps require constant checking and resetting to get on top of rodent populations.


Dangerous and toxic

Environmentally damaging chemicals and high-risk of secondary poisoning to pets


Animal pain and suffering

Inefficient killing methods provide a slow, painful death.


The solution 

Goodnature A24 Rat & Mouse Traps


These traps automatically reset themselves, killing pests one after another, dispensing fresh paste for six months. Kill up to 24 pests before you need to replace the CO2 or paste.



Goodnature pastes are completely toxin free, there’s no risk of secondary poisoning, making it safe to use around pests, wildlife and children.



Goodnature traps deliver an instant and humane kill and have been independently tested to meet the highest international standards - NAWAC Humane A-class certified.

How it works

Sniff sniff

Paste attracts pest into the trap


Pest moves trigger, firing the trap


The pest drops as the trap resets itself

Sniff sniff…

Paste continues to attract pests for constant control

Trapping made digital

The Goodnature Smart Cap is compatible with all Goodnature A24 traps. With 24/7 monitoring, you’ll know what your trap has been up to. The Smart Cap records each time a pest is killed - including the day, time and air temperature, updating the app via Bluetooth when you visit your trap for maintenance. Even if you haven't seen any pests under your trap, you’ll know how many you’re catching.

Track your kills, 24/7 - with Bluetooth connectivity

The Smart Cap records/counts each time a pest is killed - including the day, time and air temperature, updating the app via Bluetooth when you visit your trap for maintenance.



Be notified when to replenish your trap

App notifications alert you when you need to replace your paste and gas, keeping your trap fresh and ready for action, and helping provide constant control against pests

Share your trapping data with others

Invites others to monitor your success and help maintain your trap via the Goodnature app. Perfect if you’re working in a team to solve a pest problem together



Join a global community of conservation

The Goodnature App shows you how your individual trapping success adds up to something much bigger for global pest control with an integrated kill density heat map

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