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Wireless Water Monitoring Solutions

A complete, simple solution for the monitoring and management of water and other fluids. A reliable water supply is a critical for maintaining healthy, productive livestock. 

Keep your Number 1 Asset Flowing

Extremely easy to operate and install, the system provides peace of mind that there is water available. It helps prevent water outages by providing early warning if levels start to fall significantly. An optional wireless pump controller can also be added to ensure tank levels are maintained.

The right solution for your needs

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  • Wireless Water Monitoring

Wireless Water Monitoring System

  • Gallagher water monitor saves labour and days lost pumping 
  • Gallagher monitoring provides water security saves labour
  • Water monitor increases confidence and productivity
  • Water monitor gives confidence, improves decision making, reduces costs

View our Wireless Water Monitoring System Brochure for recommended setups to ensure that you detect and repair water supply issues before they become a crisis