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Gallagher software release notes

The latest updates from Gallagher's web and mobile applications


Animal Performance software

At Gallagher we’re continually seeking out opportunities to improve our products and services, using customer insights to drive our decisions and product developments. To take advantage of these updates, you will need to be running on the latest software version of the Animal Performance mobile app.


  • Animal Status & Column Select Release (13.12.2022)

    Managing Animal Status: Update or view the status (Current/Dead/Missing/Off Farm/Unknown/Sold) of one or many animals.   

    Animal Inventory: Toggle between “Current” only or all statuses to easily view and manage the animal group/s you want to focus on. 

    Customised View/Reports: Easily edit the web-based Animal List via new customisation tabs to provide the most important information.  

    For further information on this release, click here


  • HR Hand Held Reader Release (15.07.2022)

    Sending sessions via email: Users will be able to send a data session directly from the reader via email without the need to sync the session to a cloud account first.

    New transfer process: Syncing data becomes the last step in the new process, which means you no longer have to wait before being able to choose the session(s) or draft list(s) you want to transfer to the reader/phone


    For further information on this release, click here


  • NAIT/NLIS Release (08.04.2022)

    Address book: Making it easier for users to send and receive animals to/from their NAIT contacts. 

    Tag replacements: Enabling users to easily notify NAIT when an animal’s tag has been updated. 

    Animal status: Allowing users to update the status (Alive, Dead or Missing) of one or many animals and/or details of animals they have registered with NAIT. 


    For further information on this release, click here