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A better view of your liquids


Liquid is a finite and precious resource.

And so is your time. While monitoring how much liquid you have is an essential task, keeping an eye on your liquid levels may not be the most efficient use of your time. We’re here to make that job a whole lot easier and more efficient so you can get more out of your day and have peace of mind that you have enough water on your farm.


Common pain points.

Stock running out of water

Insufficient water supply for livestock hydration can have significant impact on animal health, performance, and production.


Unknown liquid availability

Checking tank levels is difficult and time consuming. Often only checked once it’s too late and liquid levels are running low.


Hidden liquid leaks

Liquid leaks are difficult to detect. Often only known after you have already wasted a significant amount of liquid or your tanks have run dry.


Remote liquid storage

Water tanks are often in remote locations across your farm. Out of sight and difficult to keep an eye on.


The solution.

Satellite Liquid Monitoring System


Your reliable ‘eye in the sky’
Secure and reliable satellite connection is ideal for properties where cellular or Wi-Fi communications are weak or unavailable.

Set and forget
Easy to install and activate. Easy-to-follow instructions straight from the box ensure you are up and running in no time.
The device also has a long battery life expectancy of 7+ years.

Notify the entire team
Using the custom-built app, add multiple mobile numbers or email addresses to receive the alerts.