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Solar Power Shines Brighter With The Launch of New Units

Tuesday, 22 January, 2019

S400 Solar Fence energizer  on post

After the successful launch a year ago of the Gallagher S100 energizer capable of covering pastures up to 30 miles/100 acres, the new S400 and S200 models step up in both output and distance.

TheS400 Solar Energizerwill power up to 60 miles/280 acres of clean fence and theS200 Solar Energizeris capable of powering up to 45 miles/160 acres. Both units are covered by Gallagher’s new three year energizer warranty.

Energizer product manager Punit Solanki says the S10-S100 models provided a proven and popular platform to develop the more powerful S200 and S400 models from, incorporating many of the rugged, well designed innovations into the latest more powerful energizers. “We wanted to offer producers an energizer that was really an “all in one” solution that can be used in portable and permanent applications. In the past they may have been able to buy a solar powered energizer unit, but then would have to seek a battery and solar kit to integrate into it. Here you get the energizer, the battery and the solar panels in one complete package.”

TheS400 modelhas a stored power capacity of 4 Joules, while theS200 modelhas a capacity of 2.0 Joules.

Both the S400 and S200 units include "dual mode" capability to help ensure optimum battery management and animal control specific to the needs of the user. The livestock control mode operates with a fast pulse during the day and switches to a slower pulse at night for when domestic animals are less active. The wildlife control mode, operates with a fast pulse day and night to ensure wildlife exclusion.

Both the S200 and S400 are ideal for not only locating permanently in hard to reach locations, but also for transporting around the pastures for managed grazing. Gallagher has developed a special process for coating the units’ electronic componentry circuit boards to ensure they are impervious to inevitable condensation intrusion. The outer bodies of the units consist of UV tested high grade plastic capable of withstanding the usual knocks of farm and ranch operations.

“We have developed the S200 and S400 with all the inherent quality of the smaller units, but also with the varied needs of larger operators in mind. This is whether they are looking for a permanent, semi-permanent or portable unit for daily use around a larger property, these units will deliver year in year out,” says Punit.