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Gallagher Ring Top Post Sets New Standard In Portable Fencing

Monday, 23 February, 2015

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Gallagher's new Ring Top Post has turned the concept of the traditional pigtail standard on its curly little head and has been enjoying considerable success to date with a Highly Commended at the NZ Innovators Awards, an International Innovation Award at the New Zealand Fieldays and a Gold Award from the Design Institute of New Zealand


Following extensive on farm research Gallagher discovered a common complaint about pigtail standards was that they were constantly becoming entangled during transport and storage and farmers were also frustrated about pigtail heads wearing through, resulting in shorting.


The solution to these problems came in the form of the Ring Top Posts distinctive ring-shaped head. The Ring Top Post's sleek new design removes the age-old frustration of tangled pigtail posts, making it easier for farmers to store, transport and erect temporary electric fences.


Made from heavy-duty glass-fibre nylon, the head also eliminates the risk of shorting and makes it much easier to handle and erect standards.


And the improvements stop at the head of the Ring Top Post. Gallagher also completely redesigned the foot section to boost strength and usability.


Constructed from over-moulded glass-fibre for increased durability, the foot plate will withstand 200kg of tread pressure and will not bend out of shape like a steel foot and its sleek profile again reduces the risk of standards becoming tangled and entrapped during handling and storage.


The 850mm high Tall Ring Top Post was the first model to be launched and Gallagher have now released a shorter 728mm high version, suitable for dairy cows and calves. The shorter post has an orange foot to help with quick differentiation from the taller model's black foot.