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Portable power revolutionizes off-grid fencing with Lithium Solar Energizers

Thursday, 28 March, 2024

Portable fence

Gallagher is making off-grid livestock control and precision pasture management easier for New Zealand farmers with the launch of an extended range of Lithium Solar Fence Energizers, delivering more power over longer distances in any weather. In 2021, the company revolutionised electric fencing with the introduction of the world-first Lithium Solar Fence Energizer, the S12 Lithium. Now Gallagher has expanded its range in New Zealand launching an S20 Lithium powering up to 2km, an S30 Lithium – up to 3km, an S60 up to 6km and its most powerful S80 Lithium, which delivers reliable off-grid power to fences up to 8km.

The energizers help achieve precision pasture allocation and adaptive livestock control, allowing farmers to get more out of every square meter of grass. This makes it easier for farmers to allocate the perfect amount of pasture per head of livestock and reliably keep mobs where they need to be for efficient grazing. “As farmers face rising costs and tighter margins, maximising the efficient use of pasture needs to be a priority,” says Gallagher Business Development Manager Mark Maitland. 
“They need reliable portable electric fencing they know they can trust to do the job and keep their livestock where they need to be even without a direct power source. They want to be able to easily subdivide their paddocks into efficient grazing areas to optimise pasture allocation. That’s where our Lithium Solar energizers can help.”

The powerful solar energizers are up to 53 percent lighter than the previous lead-acid battery models, making them easy to transport around the farm. Lithium batteries can perform at least 300 percent more cycles when compared to lead-acid batteries, providing longer life in a product that runs every day and night. The Lithium Energizers are also far superior to lead-acid batteries which can only discharge about 60 percent of their capacity. Lithium batteries are better at holding their charge and can be depleted to almost zero and still be fully regenerated. “Because you can use a lithium battery’s whole range of capacity, they are far more efficient, and the energizers can be smaller in size. Their portability makes it easier for farmers to manage grazing efficiently, even in hard-to-reach areas,” says Mark. “The Lithium Energizers can also manage many more charge/discharge cycles so they last 7-10 years, as opposed to a conventional battery which typically only lasts three seasons. Switching to Lithium makes sense whichever way you look at it.” This improved battery performance means the three year energizer warranty now also includes the battery – which was not the case on previous lead-acid models. 

Gallagher’s Lithium Energizers use intelligent adaptive voltage technology, using microprocessors to continually monitor the solar energy intake and operate the unit as efficiently as possible. "Smart adaptive electronics are constantly monitoring the solar energy being stored, measuring it against the battery voltage and adjusting the output energy to ensure your fence is powered for as long as possible, even in the absence of sunlight,” says Mark. “This clever technology means farmers can be assured their fences are always running.” Like all Gallagher solutions, farmers had input into the initial product concept. Three hundred farmers around the world told Gallagher how they were using current solar-powered energizers, what worked and any issues they had. “We came up with a number of concepts, which we tested out with a selection of farmers to get their feedback,” says Mark. “We found they liked the compact size and the fact that the energizers mount to a post. It makes the energizer even more reliable by keeping the solar panel clear of grass and out of the water.”

These energizer models also have a dual insulated plastic enclosure, which protects internal circuitry and the Lithium battery from extreme temperatures. “We believe our Lithium Energizer range is a collection of the most powerful, lightweight and reliable off-grid energizers on the market,” says Mark. “This leading-edge technology allows farmers to more efficiently manage their pasture, even in more remote locations and provides peace of mind livestock are always where they should be.”