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Gallagher Makes Cable In-House


High quality cable for electric fence systems has become another component Gallagher can add to its already lengthy list of components manufactured on its Hamilton site.

Following the closure early last year of Gallagher’s long time cable supplier General Cable in Christchurch, part of the company’s plant was purchased by Gallagher. This was moved to the company’s Hamilton site to use in the manufacture of varying types of insulated cable.

Sandra Wenham, Gallagher procurement category manager says Gallagher’s long-time relationship with General Cable had been built on that company’s ability to supply consistently high quality, well priced cable.

She said Gallagher’s supply team had moved quickly to secure some of the extrusion plant required for cable manufacture.

“It marked a significant investment for Gallagher to buy and move the plant up here, the equipment was specialised and very well maintained, and General Cable also supplied us with a staff member to help our team here get up to speed with the operation.”

The move means all Gallagher’s main electric fence cable can be manufactured in-house, and also allows the company to trial limited runs on new or specialised cable types.

Current cable being manufactured include double insulated hard and soft cable as well as high conductive cable.

Derek Pinkerton, Gallagher supply chain executive said the move bought a greater level of manufacturing flexibility with it, and marked another component that was now vertically integrated into the company’s product development, manufacturing and marketing process.

Gallagher manufactures 80% (the majority of) of its Electric Fencing, Weighing and Electronic Identification and Gates & Gate Hardware products in New Zealand at it’s Hamilton and Pukekohe sites.