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Pushing boundaries in livestock farming

Instantly adaptable virtual fencing


The days of labour and resource-intensive physical fencing will soon be over. Moving and fencing livestock is no longer dependent on where you can get a fence line. eShepherd allows you to monitor, move and contain livestock anywhere on your farm, breaking down those difficult to fence paddocks into smaller grazing cells to run a more efficient and thriving pasture-based system.

We’re currently launching eShepherd on specific beef farming operations in New Zealand. Register your interest today to receive the latest eShepherd news.

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A remote shepherd for your herd


Real-time visibility and peace of mind of being connected to your herd like never before. Track where your animals are located, what they are doing and where they have been roaming with 24/7 visibility of their grazing, resting and walking behaviours. eShepherd moves away from managing animals based on herd averages, monitoring each animal within your herd as an individual.

eShepherd™ is a solar powered, GPS enabled, livestock neckband that enables you to remotely track, manage, fence and move your livestock around your farm using virtual boundaries or fences. Simply draw your virtual fence anywhere on your property and your cattle learn to move with and remain within the virtual barrier.


A remote shepherd for your herd

Cleaner, future proof farming

Committed to positive outcomes for happier, healthier animals

Animal health and wellbeing has always been a key consideration in the design of virtual fencing technology.

Gallagher eShepherd is committed to working with Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) members, government bodies, and others to emphasise animal welfare. It involves recognising that animals are sentient beings deserving of respect and compassion and taking action to protect their well-being. The Terms of Reference outlines the details of governing principles and responsibilities.

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Gallagher leverages decades of global experience to bring virtual fencing to beef farmers


For the last 6 years, Gallagher has been partnering with New Zealand and Australian beef farmers to trial eShepherd. The technology has proven particularly effective in helping farmers improve pasture management and protect riparian zones, despite farming on remote and vast landscapes.

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