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Waterway Exclusion
Effective waterway exclusion requires careful consideration. When designing your fence, it is important to consider runoff and contamination of nearby waterways alongside effective livestock containment. Whether you require portable barriers for temporary needs, adaptive virtual fencing solutions or permanent fencing installations, it is important to also prioritize protection of natural resources alongside protection of your herd to remain compliant.
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Protecting Biodiversity
We understand the importance of integrating fencing with natural habitats to minimize disruption to local ecosystems. In many regions around the world, the preservation of animal pathways is a key consideration for a compliant farm. Always consult your local governing body to stay informed about regulations in your area. Our range of fencing solutions are designed to help you balance environmental protection alongside effective herd management.
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Want to know about animal traceability compliance?

Understanding traceability compliance can help leading farmers gain more profits just from adhering to local compliance guidelines. Gallagher have a range of solutions to enable farmers to turn the cost of compliance into a smart investment.

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Explore traceability compliance