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Animal Performance

Animal Performance

Web & mobile app

Take control of your data with a fully connected solution that allows you to track animal performance, make better decisions and grow your profit.

Animal Performance plans

Update your existing software

Know your livestock

Meaningful and simple data analysis tools


Information at your fingertips

Your animal data wherever you are

Compliance made easy

Built in NAIT/NLIS integration makes it quick and easy to manage animals  as they arrive or leave your property


Your one source of truth

View and edit your data from anywhere, at any time, on multiple devices

Take control of your animal performance

With an all-in-one hardware and software solution that allows you to track livestock performance, make better decisions and grow your profit.

Every Day




Every Day gives you a fully connected Weighing and Eid experience, to enable easy animal data collection. Access your animal data on any device, wherever and whenever you need it.


Up to date animal data across all your device
✔ Access your data on any device, wherever and whenever you need it
✔ Safe and secure animal records - always backed up online

Identify poor performers, treat them or cull early
✔ View session and animal statistics
✔ Create draft lists and send them to your hardware

Comply with your local regulations
✔ Register animals with NAIT/NLIS integration
✔ Register animals with built-in NAIT/NLIS integration


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$20/ month incl GST


$200/ year incl GST

Animal Performance Plus is packed with features that help you measure and track how your animals are performing so you can make better decisions faster. All the features of Every Day, Plus:

Track and analyse animal performance with mobs
✔ Mob reports to see how your mob is performing
✔ Set weight targets and forecast your mobs weight gains
✔ Compare mobs to benchmark performance

Better animal management with groups
✔ Categorize animals any way you want, such as activities or traits
✔ Use groups to guide buying and selling decisions
✔ Build a richer database with more granular segmentation of your mob

Powerful custom filters for in depth performance insights and animal management
✔ Use filters to unlock the true value of the data you are collecting
✔ Explore sessions, mobs, traits and activities in hundreds of different ways
✔ Use animal insights to create reports and draft lists
✔ Record individual weight and weight gains on your phone with animal IDs

✔ NEW! Filter your animals with column select
✔ NEW! Add a status against individual animals and filter by current animals only
✔ NEW! Keep up to date records with animal edit

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