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1. Why is compliance important?
Compliance schemes are now common in many countries around the world, as regulators seek to manage biosecurity and food safety risks. Farmers who provide traceability from paddock to plate are not only helping increase consumer confidence in the safety of livestock products but are also maximizing their own profitability.
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2. What is Electronic Identification (EID)?
Electronic Identification (EID) is an essential tool for all farmers in meeting compliance requirements. An EID tag acts as a unique identifier for tracking animal movements across different farms, sale yards and eventually to an abattoir, and it cannot be changed. EID is a simple way to record and manage animals individually when used as part of an animal management system.
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3. Make compliance an investment
Going beyond pure compliance, you can combine EID with a weighing system to fully automate animal management and handling tasks, saving time and money. It's just one way market leading farmers manage their businesses more profitably. There are different options available depending on your farming operation and requirements, including both portable and permanent systems.
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4. Pedigree tracking compliance
Gallagher Animal Management also offer detailed progeny tracking capability for stud farms and breeding associations who are subject to stringent pedigree tracking requirements. Utilising our specialised software to keep detailed ancestral records ensures compliance with industry standards and simplifies livestock record keeping, maximising animal sales returns.
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When it comes to fencing compliance, it's crucial to go beyond the basics. Whether you're considering portable or permanent fencing options, our fencing solutions can help you meet local standards while minimizing ecological impact of your farming or ranching operation.

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