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Sustainability at Gallagher Animal Management

Committed to a better tomorrow

Most of our animal management solutions are developed and manufactured at our head office in Hamilton, New Zealand. Making our products and processes more sustainable is one of our top priorities. Read our sustainability statement here or scroll through our varied initiatives below.



Economize packaging space
Saving space in the empty space economy


We are exploring new ways to improve packaging by using less materials, choosing more eco-friendly options and reducing empty space in cartons.

Sustainable packaging

From cardboard waste to packaging material

Turning cardboard waste into packaging material reduces our use of single use plastic significantly.


Turning our plastic waste into new products and packaging


We have many different reuse and recycling projects going on. Read more about how we recycle the plastic waste from our manufacturing and turn it into new products and packaging.

Sustainable manufacturing

Reducing the amount of plastic in products while increasing their performance


We've cut the amount of plastic used in the S10 Solar Energizer by half when we introduced it's successor S12. At the same time we embraced the latest battery technology to make the Energizer more powerful.

Find more details in our


Modern slavery