Electric Fencing

Every electric fence system is made up of an Energizer (a.k.a. Fence Charger or Fencer) a grounding system and a fence system. Selection of these systems depend on property size, fencing usage and animal type. For a simpler electric fence building experience, Gallagher breaks electric fencing systems into three product categories:

Fence Energizer M300

Fence Power

Our Power category consists of products that deliver and manage power to the fence. The following components make up this category: Energizers (a.k.a. Fence Chargers and Fencers), Fence Testers, Batteries, Solar Panels and Connectors.

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      Heavy Duty Insulators - 10 Year Warranty

      Fence Construction

      Our second grouping of electric fencing products makes up the Construct category. This category consist​s of products that build the fence system. The Construct category consists of:

      Electric Fence Wire and Reel

      Fence Conductors​

      Our final category of electric fencing products is Conduct. The Conduct category consists of products that are used to carry Power. You will find the following in this section:

      Other Electric Fencing Products

      Hot Netting protecting chickens


      A very convenient form of all-purpose, portable electric fencing that is quick and easy to set up.

      Food Plot Fencing

      Electric Fence Kits

      Easy electric fence kits (garden, food plot, horse corral...) for the do-it-yourself enthusiast!

      Gallagher Electralock Woven Wire

      High-Tensile Woven Wire

      Electra-Lock is an electrifiable woven wire permanent hi-tensile fence.

      Customer Favorities that Save Time & Money Long Term


      Turbo Wire. More Shock. Much Further.

      Did you know that Gallagher's Turbo wire is 40x's more conductive than standard Polywire? Turbo wire carries a shock further on the fence line.


      Tumblewheels: The Rolling Fence Posts

      Move an entire fence line from one location using Tumblewheels. Move cattle in 5 minutes compared with 20 or 30 minutes!​​


      Old fences can be made to last for many more years by simply attaching offsets and electrified wire on one or both sides - even where fences have deteriorated so​ much they need replacing.

      New fences will last almost twice as long if they have electrified offset wires attached to them. Electrifying one or more wires in a conventional nonelectric fence will prevent stock pushing through the fence.

      Attach single offset wires at two thirds the height of the animal to be controlled. If sheep and cattle are to be in the same area, use two wires or a single offset attached at three quarters of the height of the sheep.

      Where old barbed wire is rusty and broken, remove the worst wires and tighten the others to prevent an ongoing problem of them shortening out the offset wire. Barbed wire should never be electrified.

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      G67304_HD_Wood_Post_Claw_Insulator_Black (1)

      Not Your Everyday Insulator

      Tired of constantly replacing worn and broken insulators after just putting them on your fence?

      Gallagher Heavy Duty Insulators last a really, really long time. That's because there's a lot of science to their tough construction. Their design, special plastic components and added UV stabilizer fight both wire pressure and the harshest conditions you can throw at them. Did we mention there is a lot more plastic that goes into their structure than the "average" standard insulator?

      Give them a try. You'll see the difference.

      G50905_Fence_Volt/Current_Meter_and_Fault_Finder (1)

      Fault Finder

      Don't waste valuable time with various volt, current and shortage meters to check your electric fence. T​his pocket sized Fault Finder allows you to quickly pinpoint faults by checking voltage, current and shorts in one easy step saving you hours of time.

      Fence Volt / Current Meter and Fault Finder

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