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Satellite Liquid Monitoring System

A better view of your liquids


Keep an eye on your water and other liquid assets wherever you are or whatever you're doing with the Gallagher Satellite Liquid Monitoring System.

Your time is precious, and while monitoring how much liquid assets you have is an essential task, keeping an eye on your liquid levels may not be the most efficient use of your time. We're here to make that job a whole lot easier and more efficient.

Remote is now within reach with satellite technology

Secure and reliable micro-satellite communication makes this system ideal for large farms or remote properties where cellular or Wi-Fi coverage is weak or unavailable.

Versatile liquid level monitoring system

A system that's so robust and well-engineered, it can accurately monitor a variety of liquid assets like water, fertilizer or diesel, and can be mounted on tanks, troughs, dams or irrigation systems.

So easy to install, you can be up and running in minutes

Simple system components make for easy assembly - no specialized technical knowledge required to get up and running.

Satellite Liquid Monitoring System


Your reliable ‘eye in the sky’
Secure and reliable satellite connection is ideal for properties where cellular or Wi-Fi communications are weak or unavailable.

Set and forget
Easy to install and activate. Easy-to-follow instructions straight from the box ensure you are up and running in no time.
The device also has a long battery life expectancy of 7 years.

Notify the entire team
Using the custom-built app, add multiple mobile numbers or email addresses to receive notifications about your liquid levels.


What our customers say

"When Lee (Gallagher Territory Manager) first approached me about the Gallagher water monitoring system, I was intrigued immediately. In Texas, our summers are extremely hot and dry, and we are in the purebred bull business and consistently water 3 to 400 bulls off of one well at our central feeding location. My greatest fear as ranch manager is those bulls running out of water on a 105° day in August. We have a 8000 gallon storage tank and after we installed the Gallagher water monitoring system now I can just take a glance and see exactly what my water levels are. Over the course of the last month, since the Gallagher water monitoring system has been installed, I can easily check our water levels in the storage tank, and that gives me peace of mind to let me know that the world is functioning properly and the bulls will have an adequate water supply through these hot Texas summers, I would easily say this is the simplest easiest piece of technology that we have incorporated into the ranch in the last few years it gives me tremendous peace of mind.”

Jeff Chaffin at W4 Ranch in Morgan TX

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