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An introduction to national traceability schemes and how leading farmers are gaining more profits just from complying. Gallagher have a range of solutions to enable farmers to turn the cost of compliance into an investment.




Why is compliance important?

Compliance schemes are now common in many countries around the world, as regulators seek to manage biosecurity and food safety risks. Farmers who provide traceability from paddock to plate are not only helping increase consumer confidence in the safety of livestock products but are also maximizing their own profitability. 

What is Electronic Identification (EID)?

Electronic Identification (EID) is now an essential tool for all livestock farmers for meeting compliance requirements and delivering consumer confidence.  An EID tag, containing a unique number, is inserted into the ear of the animal.  The tag is read as the animal moves through different farms, sale yards and eventually to an abattoir, and it cannot be tampered with or changed. EID is a simple way of recording and managing animals as individuals when used as part of an animal management system.








Make compliance an investment

Going beyond pure compliance, you can combine EID with a weighing system to fully automate animal management and handling tasks, saving time and money. It's just one way market leading farmers manage their businesses more profitably.

There are different options available depending on your preference for capturing ID, and your farming setup/operation, including both portable and permanent systems. These systems include:


The Gallagher Hand Held EID tag readers are lightweight, hardwearing and easy to use - perfect for on-the- go use at different sites.  These readers enable animal data to be read, recorded, and collected anywhere on the farm.


The Gallagher Hands Free EID tag readers comprise an antenna panel and moveable electronic controller. They are fixed in place, usually on a weighing crate or at a location in a race, for hands free, automated reading of EID tags.



View and track livestock performance

Our new Animal Performance App completes our Weighing and EID ecosystem and allows you to view and track livestock performance anywhere at any time, on multiple devices.


It’s an easy way to give you a complete picture of your animals' health, by tracing animal weight gain, general health and wellbeing, and animal location at any point in time. 


With our EID system used alongside the App, each time new information is recorded, it's saved against that EID number, building up a history of animal performance and any relevant events that occur throughout the animal’s lifetime


While compliance regulations may differ from country to country, the benefits and ease of Gallagher’s EID systems are clear, making it easier to manage livestock from product to plate, and maximize profitability for the farm.





Gallagher Solutions

Gallagher offers a range of electronic ID tag reading equipment, ranging from products enabling simple compliance, through to a more complete weighing & EID system that enables a significant return for the farmer on the cost of the electronic ear tags.


Animal Performance


Animal Performance Software provides meaningful insights and simple data analysis to make more informed business decisions.
Animal Performance completes the Gallagher Weighing & EID…

HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader & Data Collector


Flexible and editable data recording and EID scanning. The HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader is the most powerful portable data collection and editing platform available, providing flexible data…

EID Tag Reader Antenna Panel 600


This fixed, hands-free antenna panel automatically scans EID tags as animals walk past or are being weighed in a crush or race. EID tag numbers are recorded within the connected EID Tag Reader…

TWR-5 Weigh Scale, Reader & Data Collector


Simple to operate, market-leading touch screen weigh scale with the ability to record up to 9 pieces of animal life data and traits. Simply connect the TWR-5 to an external EID Antenna Panel and the…

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