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​​​Electrifying a gateway makes getting around the your property easy. Choose from high visibility electrified spring, tape or bungy gates or all in one multi-strand tape gates.​  

Gallagher's gate products are produced in our manufacturing​ facilities ensuring the highest standard of quality is maintained throughout the entire manufacturing process. The use of robotic welding, semi-automated gate bending, hot dip galvanizing and no waste thread rolling all ensure that our hardware has uniformity, superior strength and durability.  

​Did you know that Gallagher also manufactures a full range of gate-hanging hardware products that are non electric? Gallagher gate accessories allow you to customize your gates.​

Gate Accessories

Highly visible electrified gates can be made with a Gallagher Electric Gate Kit.  
Electric Gate Kits

​Gallagher has a wide selection of high quality electric gate handles for safe handling of electric gates.


​​The Multi Strand Electric Tape Gate is an attractive, all-in-one permanent electrified gate option with multiple live strands.  Gate length can be modified easily.

Multi-Strand Tape Gate