Poly Wire Combo Roll 1,312 + 300 FREE G620300

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USD $ 34.99
Excludes sales tax

  • ​​​​1,320 feet plus 300 feet BONUS
  • Ideal for portable and temporary electric fence projects
  • Ultra white for high visibility
  • UV stabilized for longer life
  • Six stainless-steel wires for good conductivity.
Warranty 1 Year
Voltage (kV) at beginning of fence8kV
Voltage (kV) at 500m of fence 2.0kV (at 1000 ohms fence load)
Voltage (kV) at 1km of fence 1.0kV (at 1000 ohms fence load)
Width or Length200m/ 656'
Depth2mm / 1/16"



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