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Fence Conductors

​​Gallagher USA has a large selection of tape, wire, braid, cable, aluminum and high tensile options to fit your needs.  Tape is generally used where visibility is important, wire is preferable where wind or adverse weather conditions exist and  braid is a woven product designed not to 'tangle' or overstretch.  Our long life, highly conductive high-tensile and aluminum wire as well as our underground cable are ideal for all permanent fencing options.

​​Tapes, Wires and Braids are used on portable fences rather than the galvanized wire used on permanent fences.

Tape, Wire and Braid

​​​Posts are lightweight yet sturdy and long lasting. Pigtail posts are most popular for livestock fences.

Tumblewheels Move Electric Fence Quickly & Easily

​Reels hold the tape, braid or wire for a portable fence. You can use just one reel for single line fences or up to four reels, attached to a reel stand, for multi-​wire fences.


​Prefabricated electric fence netting for a wide range of uses from poultry to sheep.

Poultry Netting