Screw In Insulator Drill Bit G71300

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USD $ 5.99
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  • ​​​Fitted to a power drill, this drill bit quickly installs screw in insulators and screw in ring offsets  
  • Can be used on all screw in ring insulators and screw in ring offsets
Warranty 1 year



    Wood Post Screw-in Ring Insulator Post Screw-in Ring InsulatorEffortless install (no staples or nails required) to screw into wood post. Angled slot allows quick securing and safe holding of wire. No need to create pilot hole first, simply screw this insulator into soft wood. Made from durable UV resistant plastic with a zinc-coated wood screw. Packed in bags of 25.G66604
    Wood Post Screw in Ring Offset Post Screw in Ring OffsetNo need to make a hole first, simply screw in to soft wood using drill bit (G71300). Angled slot allows quick installation and secure holding of wires. Suitable for all steel and portable wire products. Includes slot to hold 12.5mm tape. Installed distance off post is 200mm.G71502