Garden & Backyard Protection Kit A600

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USD $ 149.99
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  • Unlike other electric fence kits, the Gallagher Garden and Backyard Protection Kit:

    • Contains 48" posts that will deter deer in addition to smaller wildlife
    • Battery operates on common “D" cell batteries; no electric outlet or extension cord is used
    • Has wires that are made out of PolyWire rather than aluminium for better visibility and safety
Warranty 2 years



    Digital Volt Meter Volt MeterQuickly and easily obtain a digital reading of your fence voltage with the Gallagher Fence Volt Meter. Monitors fence voltage and helps trace shorts in the fence line. G503014
    Turbo Wire 656' Wire 656'9 mixed metal strands. Best suited to distances more than 1/4 mile where extreme power is required. 46 times more conductive than standard Poly Wire. G62054
    Fiberglass Rod Post Rod PostMade of highly visible white fiberglass. Ideal for backyard garden. 3/8" x 48". 20 per bundle.A635
    Quick Clip for 3/8" Fiberglass Posts Clip for 3/8" Fiberglass PostsUsed this clip to quickly secure wire to a fiberglass post.A636

    Garden & Backyard Protection Kit