Solar Fence Energizer S50 G35930

Previously Called:   PowerPlus S50





  • Fully self-sufficient using solar power to charge internal battery – no external power supply required.
  • Can be used for both permanent and portable electric fencing as it can be mounted on a wall, wooden post or waratah or placed on the ground.
  • Large rotary dial makes it easy to check Energizer is on from a distance.
  • Energy saving Automatic Night Save mode to extend battery life.
  • Designed for outdoor use with impact resistant plastic lens helps protect the solar panel prolonging Energizer life.
  • Easy to see, green LED confirmation that fence is working normally
  • 12V rechargeable battery (2M1528) and fence leads included.
Warranty 2 years
Stored Energy (Joules) 0.5 Joules
Property Size (Ha/Ac) 3 ha/ 7.5 acres
Single Wire Distance Maximum Length (Km/ miles)15km/ 9 miles
Multiwire Distance Ideal Conditions (Km/ miles) 5km/ 3 miles
Multiwire Distance Gallagher Recommended (Km/miles)1.25km/ 0.8 miles
Output Energy (Joules) 0.35 Joules
Height430mm/ 16.9"
Width or Length 425mm/ 16.7"
Depth 310mm/ 12.2"
Product Weight 9.4kg/ 20.7lbs
Power SourceBattery included.



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