Euronet G90400

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  • Powered physical barrier for sheep (particularly lambs)
  • Ideal for 10 acre block farmers with mixed stock
  • Can be used to contain poultry
  • Visible barrier for grazing stock and fruit trees from possums
  • Portable application using a B180, B180 or B280 battery energizer or use a lead out from a mains powered fence line
  • For sharp corners and undulating ground incorporate Multi-wire Tread-in (G63705). Use together for extra stability
  • Quick and easy to erect
  • Two bottom wires are dead to avoid shorting due to pasture growth
  • Each 50m (164ft) roll consists of 1.06m high netting made of 8 horizontal stainless steel polywires and 14 posts which are easily stepped into the ground
Warranty1 year
Product Weight5.72kg/12.6lb



    Solar Fence Energizer S17 Fence Energizer S17The S17, with 0.17 Joules of stored energy, is a self-sufficient Energizer which uses solar power to charge an internal battery. It can be used in permanent electric fencing, where there is no access to mains power and also for portable, short term animal control. Suitable for fencing horses and cattle on small farms or paddocks up to 2 acres. G34432
    Portable Battery Fence Energizer B200 Battery Fence Energizer B200The B200 with 1.45 Joules of stored energy is a versatile Energizer - ideal for providing portable power for short term animal control but also as for permanent installations, in remote areas with no mains power. Suitable for fencing all types of animal on smaller farms up to 25 acres. G39300
    Portable Battery Fence Energizer B11 with Stand Battery Fence Energizer B11 with StandThe B11 Energizer with Stand has 0.11 Joules of stored energy and is very easy to transport and set up. It is an ideal Energizer to use for strip grazing and providing portable power for short term animal control. Suitable to fence horses and cattle in small paddocks or farms up to 1.3 acres. G35311
    Single Reel Lead Connector Reel Lead Connector UV resistant lead to connect a portable fence to a permanent electric fence. G63400