A Family & Business Built By Fence

“I can’t sell anything I don’t believe in, and Gallagher has made a believer out of me.” Brad Mueller

A Family & Business Built By Fence

Brad Mueller’s father Don Mueller startedMueller Fencing and Supplyin 1992.  Today, the family-owned and operated business in Perryville, Missouri, still includes his dad as well as his sister Danielle Mueller Huber who manages the books.  “The house we grew up in is where we work 365 days a year,” says Brad Mueller.

Long before the family started selling Gallagher products, they were Gallagher customers.  “We started strictly building high-tensile fence using Gallagher equipment,” recalls Mueller.  “EQIP government programs opened a door for us to put in our intensive grazing systems.”

The Mueller family cultivates about 1,000 acres of row crops, including land they both own and rent.  They run 200 registered Hereford and Angus cattle on an additional 500 acres, and their third generation actively competes in the show ring.  Through trial and error, the family determined which fencing worked on their farms long before people began asking their advice.

“We began helping other people develop their grazing systems and providing advice on what worked,” says Mueller.  As needs grew, so did their expertise.

“Today, we install almost any kind of fence out there,” Mueller explains.  And, the family continues to maintain an intensive grazing system on their farm with Gallagher products.  “We try to use new Gallagher products here first to try them out,” he shares with a chuckle.

The heart of Mueller Fencing and Supply are “those farmers trying to make a living off the dirt.”  His clients also include hobby farmers who have read about intensive grazing but lack the know-how or the means to install a system from scratch.  “From people who want extravagant and fancy set-ups to the guy who wants to pinch every penny, we know what products they can afford to meet their needs,” he says.


Over the years, Mueller has explored other fencing products from time to time.  “We’ve tried alternatives like cheaper insulators as an option, and I couldn’t sell them,” he admits.  “The minute we used them one time, I figured out why they were cheaper.”  Therefore, his loyalty remains with Gallagher.

“As a whole, Gallagher’s probably got the best products out there,” says Mueller.  “If I had to pick a one-stop shop, they’re it.  I can’t sell anything I don’t believe in, and they’ve made a believer out of me.”  With more than 30 years of experience with Gallagher products, Mueller has developed some tried and true favorites.  “Their series of fencers are second to none,” he answers.  “I also really like the pinlock insulators.”

However, Mueller’s favorite Gallagher product is the warranty.  “A three-year warranty is unheard of in this throw-away world,” argues Mueller.  “For a company to step up with a new series of fencers and provide a three-year warranty rather than a two-year warranty really impressed me."

The Gallagher warranty also impresses Muller’s customers; “Customers like Gallagher products because they’re dependable.”  And, so is Brad Mueller.  “I’m six miles from town, and there are four places in town that also sell Gallagher,” he shares.  “But, I’ve got customers who drive out here because they know I will take care of them.”

Taking care of their clientele means going the extra mile.  “Customers may pay the same price they would at a big box store, but they’re going to get the answers they need from us,” he explains.  “We know our products and provide answers at all times of the day and night.”

“They’ve got my phone number,” he says.  “That’s the one thing that’s kept us in business.”  Missouri farmers appreciate the ability to call Mueller and know he can answer any question for them.  “We’ve built a lot of relationships along with the fences.”

Intensive Pasture Management

Brad Mueller is also recognized as a Gallagher Pasture Pro.  “I was very excited when I first heard about the program because it goes back to Gallagher’s old school roots,” he shares.

“Being a Gallagher Pasture Pro gives me a marketing avenue that sets me apart from the big box stores,” he explains.  “I didn’t have to change a single thing I was doing to become a Pasture Pro.”  Mueller Fencing continues to provide intensive grazing advice and turn-key set-ups, laying out water lines and paddocks for all types of farms and farmers.

“Look, pasture grazing isn’t rocket science,” he argues.  “It’s about passion and implementation.”

When it comes to implementation, Brad Mueller knows intensive pasture management is not a one size fits all business.  “What works on one place won’t always work in another.”  For example, he knows one farmer in northern Missouri who pays a high school kid to move his cows every four hours.  Other producers he works with can only move animals every three days.

“It’s a discipline thing,” he argues.  “You have to move the cattle when they need to get moved no matter what else is going on.”  Labor intensiveness must be fine-tuned by each farmer for each operation to determine what works best.

Mueller has watched farmers get excited about intensive grazing the first year, constantly trying new things and implementing different strategies.  “Most people can’t afford to do everything all at once,” he advises.  “Don’t try to take on the world in the first year.  You can’t spend all the money before you make it.”

That’s why Mueller advises customers to start by utilizing what they have on hand.  “Use what’s there and incorporate a few things along the way.”  For example, Mueller tells customers to pick up a roll of fencing and simply divide the pasture in half.  “Then, if you like that, split it in half again.”

“Just keep taking baby steps forward,” he counsels.  “If you start slowly, you’ll find your strengths.”

Karena Elliott is an International Freelance Writer who specializes in the agriculture industry.  She makes her home in Amarillo, Texas.

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Our Pasture Pro's have been trained to answer site specific questions and recommend designs related to managed grazing operations. Maybe you're interested in the highest quality, innovative animal management products on the market or fence and water system installation services? They offer that too!

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