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Wireless Load Bars

Eliminate the most common failure point in traditional load bars - the cables.

Weighing your livestock has never been easier - connect directly to a Gallagher Weigh Scale (excluding W-0) or turn your phone into a Weigh Scale with the Animal Performance Mobile App*. With multiple sizes for all weighing set ups, 'the wireless weigh' offers a solution for all livestock farmers.

*Plus subscription required




The problem.

Common issues with load bar cables include: 


Chewed by pests

Rats and other pests often cause destruction by chewing on anything and everything available.


Damaged in gates

Livestock yards and handlers include a lot of moving parts, cables can get caught or create tripping hazards.



Water damage

Weighing yards are often exposed to the elements - water, mud, dust.

Damaged by stock

With some livestock weighing over 1985lbs, a stomp on a load bar cable can be very costly.



The solution.

Wireless Load Bars

Weighing your livestock has never been easier.

Connect directly to a Gallagher Weigh Scale or turn your phone into a Weigh Scale with the Animal Performance Mobile App*.


Load Bars

Load bar capacity: 5500lbs

Load bar length: 24 inches

Heavy Duty Load Bars

Load bar capacity: 11000lbs

Load bar length: 39 inches

*Plus subscription required


Accurate livestock weights, time after time

Loadcells contain no moving parts, ensuring no wear for years of accurate weighing

Versatile load bars designed for use under weigh platforms and crushes
ersal design that fits under most livestock platforms and suitable for cattle crushes and sheep


Transportable and easy to install

Wireless design makes load bars easier to transport and move to different weighing locations

Tough, farm ready exterior
Waterproof, galvanised steel chassis built to withstand the harshest of farming environments




Gallagher Weigh Scales with Wireless Load Bars

Send weights straight to your Gallagher Weigh Scale.

Bluetooth connectivity sends weights straight to a Gallagher Weigh Scale, removing the hassle and frustration of traditional load bars.


Compatible Weigh Scales: W-1, TW-1, TW-3, TWR-5




Connect to a Gallagher Weigh Scale

Make sure your Weigh Scale is updated with the latest software update. Also see our instructional video here.

Install and power on

Connect both of your Wireless Load Bar Modules, and turn on by flicking the power switch.



Select settings on the right of your screen, then select the equipment connections and then select Load Bars.



Select "Wireless" connectivity and your Weigh Scale will search for your Wireless Load Bars. Once found, select Wireless Load Bars and hit connect.


Start Weighing

Start a new session. The Bluetooth symbol on the bottom of the screen will be highlighted, symbolising an active bluetooth connections between Weigh Scale and Load Bars.




Weigh Scale App with Wireless Load Bars

Use your phone to collect weights.

Turn your phone into a Weigh Scale with Bluetooth connectivity to the Animal Performance Mobile App.


Animal Performance Plus subscription required.


Connect to the Animal Performance Mobile App

Make sure your Animal Performance Mobile App is updated with the latest software update. Also see our instructional video here.


Create your Animal Performance Plus account

Visit am.gallagher.com on your PC, create an Animal Performance account and subscribe to Animal Performance Plus.



Download and log in

Download the Animal Performance mobile app from your app store and log in to your account.



Install and turn on your Load Bar Modules

Connect both of your Wireless Load Bar Modules, and turn on by flicking the power switch.




Connect to Wireless Loadbars

Select the Wireless Load Bars on your app and hit connect. The phone and Wireless Load Bars will now form a connection.




Ready to start weighing

Once connected, when a weight comes onto your load bars, the weight will be displayed and stored within the Animal Performance and mobile app.



Book a Demo

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