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Fence monitoring, around the clock.
Your livestock, pasture and crops are safe with a reliable fencing solution that stands strong. Stop invasive predators that threaten your business and your bottom line, empowering you to farm with confidence.
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Fence anywhere. Farm everywhere.
No matter how remote, steep, dry or wet your land is - if you can farm it, we can fence it. Gallagher's permanent fence solution is designed to fence anywhere and everywhere you farm.
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Fence further for less.
Cost-effective fencing solutions that enable you to fence further distances with less investment .Gallagher electric fencing solutions are not only design for cost effect installation, but have also been carefully engineered to use less material than traditional conventional fencing.
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Breathe new life into old fencing.
The benefits of Gallagher permanent fencing aren’t dependent on new fence infrastructure or significant investment. By adding offset fencing structures to your conventional fence, you'll keep your animals safe while also protecting the longevity of your fence.
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Design Your Own Fence

Whether you need a portable, short-term fence for rotational grazing or a larger scale more permanent electric fence, we'll guide you through to the right system. Answer the questions to find the ideal fence set up, complete with the products you will need to build the fence.

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Find your solution