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Safely containing your escape artist
Keep your dogs and other pets off the streets and safely contained at home behind a safe, yet reliable fencing solution. Perfect for training pets to stay home or used as a permanent solution to keep them from wandering the neighborhood.
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Protected produce, food sources and natural assets
Food supplies, fresh produce and other natural assets attract unwanted and hungry guests. Safely protect your produce behind a reliable barrier that deters even the most motivated predator from rummaging.
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Keeping unwanted guests out of your yard and gardens
Unwanted pests can cause all sorts of damage and mess within your property. Protect your yard and garden from intruders with a fence animals respect. Whether keeping pets in or pests out, an electric fence is a psychological barrier that deters the most motivated animals from crossing it.
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Design Your Own Fence

Whether you need a portable, short-term fence for rotational grazing or a larger scale more permanent electric fence, we'll guide you through to the right system. Answer the questions to find the ideal fence set up, complete with the products you will need to build the fence.

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