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Animal Performance Plus


Web & mobile app

Animal Performance Plus gives you powerful tools to take your operation to the next level. Hit your target weights with features that help you measure and track how your animals are performing, helping you run a more profitable business.

Along with powerful data filtering, Animal Performance Plus helps you look at your animals from every angle, leaving no stone unturned.

Compatible with all Gallagher Weigh Scales* & Wireless Loadbars

*Excluding W-0 Weigh Scales

 $23/ month


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Identify performance issues before they become a problem

Keep an eye on multiple aspects of an animal’s performance, enabling you to identify and remedy them early


Set targets and monitor your progress

Manage and monitor individual animal and mob growth toward target weights, forecasting progress based on weight gains to help make the most efficient selling or breeding decisions


Track mob performance with analytics

Manage your individual mobs, set group targets and compare performance data between different groups of animals


Categorise your animals any way you want with group management

Place your animals in groups based on any criteria you require. Create draft lists and sync them straight to your Weigh Scale or Hand Held EID Reader


Use powerful custom filters for in depth performance insights and animal management

View and analyse your data any way you like to focus on what is important, such as breed, weight, weight gain, traits, sex, custom calculations and many more… and take actions such as adding animals to draft lists, mobs and groups


Extract the data you need with filter export

Create and export filtered views of your animals to analyse and share your animal performance


Unlock your ‘Weigh Scale in your pocket’ for Wireless Loadbars:


Record livestock weights and sessions on your phone

Bluetooth connectivity records weights from Wireless Loadbars straight to the Animal Performance mobile app – removing the need for a weigh scale


Record individual weight and weight gains on your phone with animal IDs

Connect your Handheld EID reader straight to the Animal Performance mobile app to scan EID tags and linking them to weights to track individual animal performance


How-To Videos

Take a look at our range of support videos to help you navigate through our Animal Performance Web & mobile App. 

We show you how to set up the Gallagher Animal Performance App for the very first time.

We show you how to download a session from a HR Reader to your Gallagher Animal Performance App.

We show you how you can use the Gallagher Animal Performance App to transfer animals to NAIT.

We show you how to sync your data with your Animal Performance cloud account for the first time.

Use With


TWR-5 Weigh Scale, Reader & Data Collector


HR5 Hand Held EID Tag Reader & Data Collector


HR4 v2 Hand Held EID Tag Reader & Data Collector

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