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Protecting your pets and backyard.

The S6 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer is a compact, portable, and super reliable solution for long lasting, self-sufficient protection for your garden and pets. An electric fence provides a safe and effective barrier to deter pests from entering your garden or pets from exiting your property. 

- Safe and effective garden and pet protection
- Easy to install and maintain
- Long lasting power, 24/7

S6 Lithium Solar Energizer

Keep pets in and pests out

A built-in lithium battery, smart electronics and robust construction come together to provide long lasting, self-sufficient protection. Providing reliable power that keeps your pets and garden safe.

Powers: 0.7 acres/ 0.3 hectares/ 500m 
Contains: 0.06 Joules of stored energy
Suitable for: Portable fencing 
Warranty: 3 years
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Easy to install and maintain

Simple mount on a suitable steel rod and connect to your fence

Set and forget, powered 24/7

 High-quality Solar panel charges internal lithium battery to maintain power on the fence- no need to change or recharge batteries

Long lasting, reliable performance

Unparalleled battery voltage provides superior, long-lasting garden and pet protection

Designed for the outdoors. Rain, hail or shine

Water resistant case, with built-in lightning protection ensures performance in all weather conditions


Pet and backyard protection - installed in seconds

Once your fence is constructed, installing the S6 Lithium is easy.Simply install the Energizer on a suitable Earth Stake and connect the supplied lead set to your fence and you’re done.

* Earth stake sold separately 

Containing the escape artists 

Read our case study about Allan and Michelle Gillbanks who moved to their new property, and needed a way to keep their two miniature schnauzers safely contained.

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Fence line Recommendations

 There are many different ways to construct an electric fence.
Below, we show you 3 different fence configurations that may suit your application

S6 Lithium Solar Energizer + Smartfence

A smart fence is so easy to move and set up. It's a versatile solution for fencing any type of animal, even on the most remote area of your property. Simply connect the S6 Lithium Solar Energizer to power up the smart fence. The four wire system can be altered to different heights depending on the predators that you are trying to keep out.


Portable fencing for medium sized pets

Portable fencing is so easy to move and set up. It's a versatile solution for fencing any time of animals, even on the most remote area of your property. By altering the gaps between each fence line, you would be able to keep your pets contained within your fence. Simply connect Gallagher's S6 Lithium Solar Energizer to power up your fence. 

Portable Fencing for small sized pets

Permanent high tensile wire systems create long life, permanent electric fences. They are easy to install and operate and provide highly effective animal control that lasts a lifetime. By altering the gaps between each fence line, you would be able to keep your pets contained within your fence.

What you need to build your fencing system

Smart Fence


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2mm Poly Wire


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Reliable animal control
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