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Protect your property from pests

Goodnature® A18 Squirrel Trap Kit

The A18 Squirrel Trap Kit has everything you need to confidently and efficiently control squirrels and large rodents in your area. It also comes with the Digital Strike Counter which allows users to verify the traps in field success.


Trap that automatically resets
The Squirrel trap is powered by a CO2 canister that provides 18 strikes per cartridge. It will automatically reset after each strike, meaning no more need to check your traps everyday! 


Full flexibility to use your own lure 

The Squirrel Trap has a DIY Lure Basket, giving you the flexibility to use the lure you find effective at trapping squirrels and/or other large rodents in your specific area. 

Safe and effective 

The Squirrel trap is 100% toxin-free. This means there is no risk of secondary poisoning, making it safe to use around livestock, pets, wildlife and even children.

How it works


Grey squirrels follow their nose up into the trap, nudging the trigger


The CO2-powered striker shoots out, delivering a swift, humane kill


The grey squirrel drops out as the trap resets itself, ready for the next one.


Goodnature® A18 Squirrel Trap Kit

Kit Includes:

1x Digital Strike Counter
2x CO2 Canisters
1x Lure Basket
1x Tree Mount