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Automatic Watering Solutions

For the right system and products for your animal type and electric fence usage or your weighing and EID or water monitoring requirements, choose from the categories below - you’ll find the system Gallagher recommends for you.

Keep your No 1 Asset Flowing

These self-filling waterers act like a thermos, whenever an animal drinks, it removes a quantity of water, which is immediately replac ed by ground-temperature water through a valve. Miraco Livestock Watering Tanks has both energy free and heater models available.

The right solution for your needs

An inside look at Gallagher products in action

Select a specific animal


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Select a system

  • Automatic Water Monitoring

The right solution for your needs 

  • Automatic waterers improve quality of life for operators & livestock
  • Leading horses to a more efficient drink
  • The right tools, teamwork help beginning farmers get their start
  • Keep cattle cool with these simple heat-beating strategies