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From Corey Russell - Gallagher Technical Account Manager 

How it started:

I volunteer my time to help less fortunate individuals in and around my community. Last night I received word that in my community, Johnson County, we have senior citizens who are starving or resorting to eating dog food to get by as they must make a choice between medication, bills, and food. The Johnson County Senior Resource Center is so low on food they can only help 3-5 people. Even then it’ll be for a couple of meals. My wife and I will be taking the money to Aldi/Kroger/Walmart, who have agreed to give a great discount for the cause, to purchase non perishables and dropping them at the resource center. The center will know that the donation came from the big hearts at Gallagher. Addie Orpin has agreed to use her Venmo to receive any donations but time is short.


How its going:

We had many donations come in and I can’t thank you enough for that. I put together a short video showing what we were able to do for the community. We were able to get them everything they asked for and still had money left over, so this Friday we are headed to their sister pantry that takes care of homeless and women in shelters to use the rest of the funds! Y’all are amazing, thank you again.


If you would like donate please Venmo Addie, @addie6190

- Corey