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Gallagher Releases Heavy Duty Solution For Tough Temporary Fencing Projects


KANSAS CITY, MO -Producers wanting to fence pastures and valuable fodder crops in the toughest conditions can now reach for a heavy duty solution from Gallagher to get the job done.

After the runaway success of Gallagher’s Ring Top Post range that offered an easier to use, robust and lightweight alternative to traditional pig tail standards, farmers can now go to a heavy-duty option with the Heavy Duty Ring Top Post. The same heavy duty features have also been included in a Heavy Duty Multi Wire Ring Top Post, that will prove popular with livestock producers who are increasingly opting for fall and winter crop grazing.

It is the solution for temporary fencing ground that may be particularly stony or difficult to get a post into for other reasons such as soil type or moisture conditions.

In response to input from customers, the Gallagher design team rolled up their sleeves to work out how to make what was already an effective product even more robust.

Meantime they aimed to retain the light weight needed to deliver the portability a temporary fencing component has to have, as well as the patented head design that eliminates the risk of insulation failure common on standards made using traditional plastic tubing slid over the “pigtail” head.

“We knew we had a product that was very popular, the basic design has proven to be very sound. It involved beefing up the range by adding a Heavy Duty foot and a thicker steel shaft.  Both mean they are much easier to “tread in” and stay in hard or stony ground than previous products on the market,” says Graham Johns, Gallagher product manager for fencing.

A steel shaft and a wider, heavier duty foot grating with dual foot spikes ensure superior ground holding for the new range.  The robust construction makes it much less likely to bend or deform when pushed into the ground, helped by a foot plate capable of withstanding a massive 790 lbs of pressure.

Because they stay so well into the ground does not mean the Heavy Duty Ring Tops are harder to put in, or get out, of that ground.  When it comes time to quickly pack up a temporary fencing project, producers will appreciate the Ring Top’s natural centered top creating a convenient handle for pulling them out of the ground.

Producers seeking the same features of durability also need multiple wires to contain stock, and the new Gallagher range has recognized this need.

The Multi Wire option comes with three insulators per post and the robust, short-proof glass filled insulators snap on easily, and are easily replaced if needed.

Wire heights and spacing allow multiple customized heights, with the flexibility of the Ring Top head for whenever single wire fencing is needed.

“Thanks to input from our valued customers, we believe we have come up with the ultimate stomp proof, tangle proof, wear proof solution to the most demanding of temporary fencing jobs, regardless of stock or crop type,” says Graham.