Wireless Water Monitoring System - Special Offer*

Get a start on remote monitoring of your water resources with Wireless Water Monitoring Systems.

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Buy 1 x Wireless Water Monitoring System (G98133) Start Up kit for $599.00 Inc GST*

Include 2 x Extra Tank Units (G98233) for $643.00 Inc GST* - SAVE 25%

*Available through your local Gallagher reseller
Contact 1800 GALLAGHER for more information. 
Find out more about Wireless Water Monitoring Systems here.

Wireless Water Monitoring System at at a glance:

The system includes a touchcreen desktop LCD display unit, a tank unit, and a level sensor:

Desktop Touchscreen Display Unit
- Easy to operate high res 2.8" colour touchscreen display
- Up to nine Tank Units can be monitored via one Display Unit
- Also used to set up and control the Wireless Pump Controller

Tank Unit
- Transmits the data measured by the sensor to the Display Unit
- The Tank Unit needs to be line of sight with the Touchscreen Display
- Unit Solar powered - no need to change batteries

Level Sensor (4m or 10m options)
- Measures liquid level in the tank using pressure
- Precision locking connector
- Automatic calibration.

Hilly terrain or other obstacles blocking monitor reception on your property? 

Click here to find out how a Gallagher Active Repeater (G98513) can help your system's signal in difficult terrain.

*Available through your local Gallagher reseller. Terms and conditions apply. Offer ends 31.1.2017. For more information contact Gallagher on 1800 GALLAGHER.