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Is a Solar Powered Fence Charger Right for You

Gallagher Battery/Solar & Solar Energizers are an ideal solution for animal containment or exclusion fences

Saturday, 01 January, 2022

S100 Solar Energizer prominently displayed in pasture on t-post powering a permanent wire fence. Cattle on one side of the fence and wildlife - deer shown on the opposite demonstrating both the wildlife/livestock control mode of the energizer.

Ideal solution for animal containment

Gallagher Battery/Solar & Solar Energizers are an ideal solution for animal containment or exclusion fences in areas where 110v power is not available or is inconvenient to obtain.

With different options in output power, Gallagher offers reliable solar energizers for properties ranging from 0 to 400 acres in size.

With little effort, Gallagher Solar Energizers can be incorporated into permanent, portable and off-set fencing systems.  These Energizers can conveniently be moved from one location to another, allowing practices such as rotational grazing to be easier and economically doable.

Electric fences are no more than a psychological barrier, but still must be constructed to absorb pressure from both animals and the environment.  The size of the Energizer is key and it must have enough power for both the length of the fence and the type of animal being controlled.  Gallagher Solar Energizers offer equal power to Gallagher 110 volt Energizers

How it works

A small solar photovoltaic (PV) panel simply collects and converts sunlight into energy that is stored in a battery.  The battery supplies current to the grounded Energizer that then sends about one pulse of electric current per second down the fence.  When an animal touches the fence the circuit between the fence and the ground is completed and the animal receives a short, sharp, but safe shock.

 If you are in North America, you should always place your solar panel south - facing the equator and in an area free of shadows so it can capture the maximum amount of sunshine.

When it comes to maintenance, there is very little that has to be done to Gallagher Solar Energizers.  Occasionally, they may need to be cleaned and the connection wires should be checked for damage.  Only high quality batteries are suggested for use with Gallagher Solar Energizers.  When protected from extreme weather conditions and maintained according to the battery manufacturer's recommendations, good batteries typically can be counted on to last for three to five years.

Such things as fog, snow, rain, ice, bird droppings and dust can affect the performance of the panel, but the stored power in the battery is usually enough to overcome these limitations.  The fence will also need to be kept clear of excess debris to allow the Energizer to charge the wires properly.  Gallagher Solar Energizers come with a variety of features, but a LED light that flashes with each pulse of current is a standard feature that conveniently indicates the unit is working properly.

Why buy a solar energizer?

A full Gallagher Solar Energizer Kit is complete with high quality tested solar panels; a regulator to protect the battery by controlling the power flow; a purpose selected deep cycle battery and battery box; and stainless steel mounting brackets, bolts and clamps.  Gallagher Solar Energizer systems are designed for the outdoors and can easily be mounted on a wall, T-Post, or sit on the ground, but need to be placed in a sunny area where animals cannot rub or chew on them.

The upfront cost of a Gallagher Solar Energizer is close to double the cost of a plug-in Energizer of the same power output, but producers must remember their investment can often be justified with increase pasture and/or crop production in locations where traditional 110v power is not available.  Additionally, the portability of the Energizer gives buyers more bang for their buck.

Many NRCS and local soil and water conservation districts offer cost assistance for the purchase of solar powered electric fence Energizers.  Check your local resources to determine if assistance is available in your area. 

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“When it comes to maintenance, there is very little that has to be done to Gallagher Solar Energizers.”