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Award Winning Livestock Scales Offer More Data with Weight

Thursday, 01 November, 2018


KANSAS CITY, MO - Gallagher’s new range of weigh scales provide producers with an unprecedented ability to record more details and data about their stock, transforming the scales into a valuable business tool for tracking livestock performance.

The system’s ability has been extended with the new TWR-5 scales featuring an integrated EID reader, essentially combining two pieces of critical kit into one making the task of managing electronic ID and weighing far simpler and more convenient.

In the past ranchers and farmers would have had a reader to read the EID tags, connected to the weigh scales. What we have done with the TWR-5 is taken the electronics of the reader, and combined them into the body of the scales. With the addition of a simple screw on antenna, we have removed the need to purchase a separate controller-EID reader when someone invests in the TW-R. 

If a user only requires tags to be read, rather than recording weigh data, the scales can operate simply as a scanner.

Smart electronics has ensured the TWR-5 is highly energy efficient, maximizing battery life to be capable of running scanner and scales over a full eight hour day without requiring a recharge.

The scanner conserves electricity use by only operating when an animal is over the scales’ load bar, and then switches off again.

“We have made the job of scanning and weighing as simple as possible with this design, eliminating those usual problem areas like needing the right cable, having the units both charged up, and having to stop work to re-charge one or the other," says Ray Williams, Gallagher's Scale and EID Manager. 

“On top of the TWR-5’s intuitive easy to use screen interface, this just makes the entire job even easier,” says Ray.