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More portability. More power. Less plastic.

Monday, 31 May, 2021

S10 solar energizer becomes S12

Gallagher is producing its new S12 Lithium Solar Fence Energizer using half the plastic required by its predecessor the S10 - saving 28 tonnes of plastic each year*. But less plastic means more power! The company’s latest product innovation has taken solar-powered portable electric fencing to the next level.

By embracing the latest battery technology, Gallagher has replaced heavy lead-acid batteries with lightweight lithium iron phosphate to create an even more powerful solar electric fence energizer. Product Manager Felix Li says plastic savings have been possible thanks to the innovative design of the S12 Lithium and Gallagher’s efforts to reduce plastic use across its entire business.

“The lithium battery needs a smaller plastic enclosure compared to the larger lead-acid batteries in the S10. Our R&D team has also worked hard to achieve a 33% reduction in plastic components inside the S12 Lithium.

“Across our entire business, we are also diverting single use plastic from landfill by using alternative packaging. Historically, our products, including our energizers, were packed with non-biodegradable plastic air pillows or polystyrene nuggets to ensure they arrived at their destination safely.

“We have now invested in a cardboard shredder at our Hamilton and Dunedin distribution centres. Instead of plastic, we now use cardboard bi-products from our manufacturing operations and shred them into pieces suitable for packaging and filling.”

The S12 Lithium is lighter and more compact, with a faster charging battery and longer lasting power, to keep stock safe regardless of sunshine hours or weather conditions. It also features a built-in earthing terminal. Gallagher has led the way in the development of solar-powered energizers. Felix says the S12 Lithium has been 18 months in the making, with farmers having input into the initial product concept.

“They liked the S12’s compact size and the fact that it mounted to a post, keeping the solar panel clear of grass and out of the